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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

GECOMSE's electronic countermeasures services have as objective the detection and location of audio, video listening devices or tracking beacons, among other vectors that are carried out violating the physical security layer of organizations. GECOMSE's work procedures for its TSCM services are duly protocolized so that Security Directors, CISOs and security service companies can have our assistance with the maximum confidentiality guarantees by its internal team of industry professionals with extensive experience.

Professional service

GECOMSE maintains a large annual investment in professional TSCM equipment and devotes great efforts to constantly renewing its technical resources, and we are the partner par excellence of the prestigious Research Electronics (REI), recognized as the leading manufacturer of Electronic Countermeasures equipment today.

Gecomse has members enrolled in erii (Espionage Research Institute Internationalfrom USA), TSCMi (TSCM Institute of England), ANCITE (National Association of Cybersecurity and Technological Expertise) and is registered in INCIBE (National Institute of Cybersecurity).

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Activity sectors

In the 30 years of experience carrying out Electronic Sweeps, GECOMSE has had the opportunity to work practically for clients in all sectors and markets, increasing its experience and procedures in an evolutionary way:

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An electronic sweep can be performed on:

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